An Ode to the Universe

My hands were open when I cried for mercy
from the unfathomable horrors of this place
and I cried for you to set me free.
The heavens that embody my creator
without sex nor name.

And in every spiral I seek to find my way back to you
Each turn and experience sheds light
on my inner chaos
finding within me, the answers to your mysteries.

And my heart was open when I looked back on this world
and began to understand my role within it:

beginning to decipher the structure of your disorder.


Published by: Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson is a priestess, mentor, researcher, writer, and artist. She writes essays, poetry, and fiction that intersect history, philosophy, and spirituality. Previous publications include Lilith: Dark Feminine Archetype. She is currently preparing her first book, When Above for self-publication. She lives with her husband and son in Troy, Missouri.

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