This sensation,

this destruction to the senses

ripped back by my silver cord

startled waking moments

Forever in déjà vu stasis

In the case of divine synthesis

wherein my return here

Restarts these earthly


circadian rhythms

To jolt the spirit

back into this foreign shell.

And although I am bound to you

Earthen palace and natural glory

Elements given over to my creation

We too share that ineffable bond

and I feel how you permeate all things

throughout the great expanse.

Often I cannot convey such expression with language

because it compares not

to visual perception

I too feel stretched,

formless and unbound


congealed ribbons

of consciousness and memory

aware and more potent – in greater concentration here, there

and not so much in the middle

much less able to function in this cycle,

for Midgard is surely the middle ground.


Published by: Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson is a priestess, mentor, researcher, writer, and artist. She writes essays, poetry, and fiction that intersect history, philosophy, and spirituality. Previous publications include Lilith: Dark Feminine Archetype. She is currently preparing her first book, When Above for self-publication. She lives with her husband and son in Troy, Missouri.

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