Serpentine Oblivion

Pillars of forgotten sediment
skeletal remains
stained by the blood
of ancient bone and dust
As pools of cerulean
now dot the landscape –
Remnants of once lush wonders
where tooth and fang were tyrants.
Pillars of chromatic desolation
once painted
from my father’s memories
of you
And his manifest dreams
alone on a rocky range.
Yet here I entreat myself
to remember you before
the fall
of astronomical devastation
Before tumult in the heavens
as swift as colliding stars
reigned down upon your flesh,
to tear tooth and bone
Buried serpentine skin
in a torrent of cosmic dust
Now just skeletons of a forgotten age.
Yet what the pilgrims mistake
for a vibrant life source
are also memories
of ancient tongues
and forgotten ways of life.
Veritable behemoths
crashing in primeval cacophony
to cry at the heavens
In its blazing collapse –
to draw forth the end of one age
and begin the next.
Shrouded by the blue-gray veil
of the mother who still mourns.


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