A head full of words;
Full of expressions I seek to convey,
by constructive means,
And not low of civility.
Looking for ways to maintain
class and composure
in a world that bears so little.

Enraged and restrained,
looking upon a light brow,
whose mind should ever be open,
taught to appreciate
those in his own sphere,
Whose minds are open
to as much compassion for strangers,
As for loved ones.

Presently worn down
to the rhythms of experimental rock
and sound-bites
Feeling myself so sick
of wanting attentions,
That are always pointed elsewhere.
About to break under the pressure,
and ready to forfeit this game,
But I can’t give up just yet.

If only he would talk more,
I would lash out less.


Published by: Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson is a priestess, mentor, researcher, writer, and artist. She writes essays, poetry, and fiction that intersect history, philosophy, and spirituality. Previous publications include Lilith: Dark Feminine Archetype. She is currently preparing her first book, When Above for self-publication. She lives with her husband and son in Troy, Missouri.

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