Awakening the Abyss

From the shadows, my eldest sister has come With a kiss to awaken my heart, The ancient dragoness, eldritch queen of the abyss, Shining jewels of cerulean and jet are the stars in your eyes, Explosions against the twilight horizon, The velvet darkness with no end. Advertisements

In my heart

Long ago and far away There was just you and I. Though we were ever so close, So far apart. In nostalgia, I see that now, How lonely you were. And then “she”appeared. A most beautiful sight Who came to you at night To wash your tears away. She was alluring, And captured your heart […]

Listen, before you cut your eyes out

Poor child, In your eyes tears that cry out in anguish For stars torn apart, The March of armies tearing you from your mother’s breast The sea green divide Of thousands of aeons of loneliness and despair on the new planet’s surface Poor child, You’ve probably seen me in your age and wondered if modifying […]

The Wailing and The Waiting

My skin stains blue, with tears that will never dry. The space surrounding me, bleeding with colors of every kind. the human condition, so fragile, and I need to know if this is all an illusion, so I play the game, yet none of these safeguards can negate what I feel in my heart, and […]

The Czarina’s Eulogy

They still write about us, they don’t know why. Our memories live on, through their worlds and song, Maybe they envied us, our glory and our wealth, Doubtful they may long for our struggles and sacrifices.   They still talk about us, in media and in revelry, History only ever painted half of the story. […]


Sleep, the anesthetic For the drowning pain that floods my senses I spent so much time misty-eyed, Hovering in the abyss, Barely hanging on And desperately searching for a hand To pull me back over the edge of the cliff, But there was none, Just eyes, critical and terrified To touch the wild, lucid flood […]

This is why the stars shine

On the ever winding road Walking the labyrinth Whose twists and turns spiral again And overlap the hardest lesson The lesson I failed 17 years ago Wisdom has taught me how to read faces and smell lies And to beware the eyes of Men Who value quantity over quality. Silence teaches me how to listen. […]