Cast me to the winds

The silence of winters cold embrace, shivers through my bones, cuts diamonds from old stones, and hangs them in the night sky. Pieces of me, pieces of my past remain, waiting not for me to return; For I never will. Instead waiting to be treasured by others, whose paths walk them to the same place.

Shekinah the Muse

Inspiration is my beloved She is my honey wine of the stars And the well from which I drink She is my first love, and comes before all others To forsake her is to deny my birthright and soul All the works I conjure and channel Are called for her And called by her As… More Shekinah the Muse


How far I have fallen so sick of this wonder and terror and longing for my brothers’ skills at feeling nothing at all. Searching for an off switch but the days of spiritual robotics are long gone. we’re wading in a pool of human emotion. Its wild and terrible, and so very real, and burns… More Anastasis

Astride the Tree

In our revelry the great gods joined us, Drank with us, Laughed and cried with us. In the hall and around the fire our ancestors met, in a circle filled with more than our bodies. In a timeless and spaceless vacuum, In ginnungagap we gathered as its primordial realm overlapped Midgard. Old friends and far… More Astride the Tree