My Eyes turned Loose

Fingers drawn in a well of sand, stirring, Clearing the clouds from the grain, peering through time and distance, Optic nerves drip from my fingertips, as I cast my hands over the chalice of dust, Surveying the terrain of a world strange and unbound.    

Everyone Wants War

From the darkness I awaken, and the world is no different today than it was yesterday. The Earth boils with the blood of the innocent, and an acrid thirst for more. The footsteps I hear are the March of steel and the banging of the drums. From every direction people scream out for something to […]


how many times can we dance around one another, yet never see that we create the magnetic force that attracts and repels, i realize now that i am not the only one running and hiding, the fall has come and suddenly i feel home, wherever home is. and yet, in my heart i know precisely […]

A Letter to a wounded Son

The words I feel when I gaze upon your countenance Oh distant child of mine A mother knows who shares her spirit, She knows her kindred, for they bleed the same. You are my shining light, And that is why you take my actions so personally. Perhaps you’ve grown comfortable with your distrust of women, […]

Awakening the Abyss

From the shadows, my eldest sister has come With a kiss to awaken my heart, The ancient dragoness, eldritch queen of the abyss, Shining jewels of cerulean and jet are the stars in your eyes, Explosions against the twilight horizon, The velvet darkness with no end.

In my heart

Long ago and far away There was just you and I. Though we were ever so close, So far apart. In nostalgia, I see that now, How lonely you were. And then “she”appeared. A most beautiful sight Who came to you at night To wash your tears away. She was alluring, And captured your heart […]

Listen, before you cut your eyes out

Poor child, In your eyes tears that cry out in anguish For stars torn apart, The March of armies tearing you from your mother’s breast The sea green divide Of thousands of aeons of loneliness and despair on the new planet’s surface Poor child, You’ve probably seen me in your age and wondered if modifying […]