Breathe Not So Deep

Breathe not so deep, for I am beset at all sides by the vicissitudes, the shadows of brothers in black robes who seek to avail me of my journey; They shall avail me not, I shall stand aside for naught, for I am not who I was yesterday, and tomorrow greets a new face as […]

The Passion of the Magician

Your eyes! Your eyes burned me into a frenzy, Wherein I at last knew your face, And your voice burst through my ears, Bellowing like the depths of the sea, Your gaze, the lightning and the thunder could not shame It seized my heart with ecstatic death pangs and an agony beyond words O I […]

The Spheres of Mirror Light

Ghosts surround me now, With forced smiles walking in circles Walking through the shadows of oblivions where I once walked With laughter and the dim resonance of lead, Did I not see the hardened veils that shielded us from one another, Millions of flames divided by walls of flesh and darkness, Winged flames as we […]

Found page from 2000

Recently moved out of St. Louis and found this lone page of poetry. O imperial lady of creation, a miniature misconception of you rests comfortably atop my screen to think that is how many inhabitants of this world believe you truly are. a laugh to think of the words I use, imperial lady, indeed. aeons […]

Stealing the Fire

Come my lover and enter the seat of my womb, Sit before me to rest your bones For my touch ignites the dullness of virtue and burns away the transgressions and fears of your flesh, The lies we tell ourselves for the safety of distance, To avoid facing the fears of lying naked and vulnerable […]

My Eyes turned Loose

Fingers drawn in a well of sand, stirring, Clearing the clouds from the grain, peering through time and distance, Optic nerves drip from my fingertips, as I cast my hands over the chalice of dust, Surveying the terrain of a world strange and unbound.